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Foto: Philippe Fragnière



Independent Visit

Admission for school classes is free at the Kunstmuseum and Thun Panorama.

If you would like to visit the Kunstmuseum Thun or the Thun Panorama with a class unaccompanied by the Art Education staff, please register at least 14 days in advance at  kunstmuseum@thun.ch  / T +41 (0)33 225 84 20.

School classes can also visit the Kunstmuseum and Thun Panorama before regular opening hours. Please note that we charge a fee of CHF 50 for independent visits before opening hours.

Guided Tour

Special guided tours enable pupils to engage more closely with the artworks in the current exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum and the Thun Panorama. Adapted to the pupils’ grade level, the tours introduce the school class to the exhibition themes while also addressing personal experiences and backgrounds.

Dates: by appointment / min. 14 days in advance
Guided tours can also be booked before regular opening hours.
Duration: 2 lessons of 45 minutes each
Costs: CHF 100 (admission included)

Guided Tour with Workshop

Following a guided tour of the Kunstmuseum Thun, the participants have an opportunity to expand their knowledge in the Kunstküche (art education studio). For groups of 12 or more, the guided tour with workshop is conducted in half-classes; one half-class is guided through the exhibition by the art educator while the other half-class works creatively in the studio with guidance. The start, introductions and conclusion are always carried out together.

Dates: by appointment / min. 14 days in advance
Guided tours and workshops can also be booked before regular opening hours.
Duration: 3 lessons of 45 minutes each
Costs: CHF 150 (admission included)

Information / registration for schools

Please fill out the Registration form.
Do you have any special requests? Further information is available from Anna-Lisa Schneeberger (Head of Art Education):vermittlung@thun.ch or T +41 (0)33 225 86 10.

To prepare for your visit, please read through the Information sheet for your school  and make note of our rules.
Information sheet  (PDF)

You can apply to the Canton of Bern for vouchers for your school visit to the Kunstmuseum Thun.
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Introductions for Teachers

At the introduction for teachers, the Art Education team presents the current exhibition and supplies didactic ideas for your class’s visit to the museum. The introduction is free of charge.
A  Dossier for Teachers with extensive materials for preparing and following up your visit will be distributed free of charge at the introduction.

Dates: On the Wednesday after the opening of each exhibition, from 17h30–18h30


Dossiers for Teachers

A Dossier for Teachers is put together for each exhibition. The extensive documentation allows you to prepare for the visit with your school class, providing background information, visual material, and suggestions for preparing and following up your visit to the museum.

To download all previous dossiers free of charge, click here; current dossiers are available online after the introduction for teachers.


Virtual Tour

Take a stroll through the museum – by mouse click! The virtual museum is open day and night, and the visit is accessible to all, 100% safe and free of charge. A virtual tour is created for each exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Thun, allowing you to enjoy art from the comfort of your own home. Current tours are posted under “Exhibitions” approximately 14 days after the opening.

Materials / Wocher-Koffer

Working with the following materials is permitted at the Kunstmuseum Thun and the Thun Panorama: coloured pencils, pencils, paper and other non-hazardous materials that are dry and clean.
We will be happy to provide you with materials for your school visit (drawing pads, seat cushions, paper, etc.) upon early request.
Please contact:vermittlung@thun.ch or T +41 (0)33 225 86 10.