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Foto: Thomas Kern


We are participating in TiM in the Kunstmuseum Thun and in the Thun Panorama!

Would you like to tell us a story of your own?

So many untold stories are simmering below the surface at our museum. Even some we museum staff haven’t heard yet. We are really curious to hear your own story about your favourite object in the museum! You too?

On the website of “TiM – Tandem im Museum” you will find a list of our TiM guides, who will accompany you on your visit to the museum. In tandem you can then set off in search of a favourite object or picture and write a story about it. You can then publish your story on Musée imaginaire Suisse ( . On the website you will also find all the other stories written about our museum and many others in Switzerland. Get inspired! Our TiM guides look forward to a stimulating visit to the museum with you. If you would like to become a TiM guide yourself, please contact us at kunstmuseum@thun.ch.


“TiM – Tandem im Museum” is a project of Kuverum Services in cooperation with Migros-Kulturproduzent and other partners.