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Kunstraum Satellit

Comment posted on the window

Raffaella Chiara, Myriam Loepfe, Paul Le Grand, Johannes Saurer, Katrin Sperry and Dominik Stauch are the founders of the Kunst[1]raum Satellit. We have been showing art in a former kiosk since 2019. Always open, frequently changing.

With the Kunstverein Satellit we try to bring a breath of fresh air to Thun’s arts and culture scene. The association, founded in September 2019 for the purpose of making temporary use of the former kiosk on Guisanplatz, curates and manages around eight annual events. Satellit has no opening hours. It is an exhibition space that viewers can peer into any time through the big shop window. This means that we were able to mount the scheduled exhibitions even during the lockdown, so that our exhibition concept has worked out well so far.

We open the big glass doors only for exhibition openings, so that visitors can then come in – but only if the exhibition allows for it. The Kunstverein Satellit has a friendly relationship with the Kunstmuseum Thun: we visit each other’s openings and exhibitions and we are united by our interest in the discussion and communication of art. The ideological foundations, the personnel, spatial and financial resources are of course in no way comparable. Both institutions play an important role in Thun’s cultural life. The openings are therefore an important part of the exhibitions and a meeting point for the Thun art scene. Art-goers then have an opportunity to meet the exhibiting artists in person, and also a chance to converse with others or simply enjoy a glass of wine in stimulating company.

Since the openings take place in our public space, at the busy Rex Cinema roundabout, people drop by who are not typical museum visitors. Reaching as diverse an audience as possible is important to us. This is reflected in our interdisciplinary programme and also in the fact that the exhibition space can be visited at any time. Sometimes I observe people standing outside Kunstraum Satellit gesticulating and discussing – which of course makes me happy. There are also people who jot down comments on the exhibitions on a slip of paper and post it on the shop window. Satellit encourages dialogue between art and the public. This is very noticeable and welcome, and allows a wide audience to come into contact with art and culture. The programme features artists from both the region and all over Switzerland and supports networking among people involved in the arts. Once a year, Satellit links up with the Architekturforum and architects mount an exhibition at Kunstraum Satellit and give a lecture at the Architekturforum.

With frequently changing, relatively short exhibitions, Satellit has become an important part of cultural life in Thun. In addition to the exhibitions, I also have my heart set on hosting performances from time to time. Performance is an art form that is all too often forgotten. I would love to see performances taking place in Thun, so that this little-known, ephemeral and often neglected art form can gain a higher profile and presence here. The Kunstraum Satellit is ideal for this purpose. Performances are of course always live, directly confronting viewers with what is happening. This stimulates debate in a special way, as the distance between spectator and work is so small. I am always impressed by this powerful and immediate effect. I cordially invite you to stop by Kunstraum Satellit and experience it for yourself.

Ausstellungsansicht, Reto Steiner und Philipp Schaerer. Foto: Carolina Piasecki