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SOPHIE TAEUBER. Textile Reformer

17. August – 01. December 2024

This cabinet exhibition showcases the inventive early textile work of the internationally acclaimed avant-garde artist Sophie Taeuber, with a focus on her designs for the Swiss textile industry. Around 1915, Taeuber supported the charitable project “Klöppelindustrie” (bobbin lace industry), initiated in 1911 by Alice Frey-Amsler, a fellow teacher at the Gewerbeschule Zurich, to provide an income for women in the Lauterbrunnen Valley by reviving the local lacemaking tradition. Recently rediscovered designs show how Taeuber developed new variations on traditional bobbin lace patterns, gradually finding her way toward geometric abstraction.

The exhibition is being curated by guest curators Medea Hoch and Gabriele Lutz and takes place as part of GUNTA STÖLZL UND JOHANNES ITTEN. TEXTILE UNIVERSES in the project room enter.