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The loose artists’ group ZKM consisted of Daniel Zahner (*1953 in St Gallen), Hans Klöti (*1965 in Zofingen) and Lars Mischkulnig (*1973 in Biel). Founded in 1997 as part of the Kunst-und-Bau [Art and buildings] project in the administrative building in Thun, their cooperation ended shortly after the project’s completion. Daniel Zahner completed an apprenticeship as a typographer, and went on to have various jobs including sculptor and assistant stage designer; he also worked in a chil-dren’s painting school. Lars Mischkulnig took an apprenticeship as a structural draughtsman before attending engineering school and subsequently studying architecture. After various collaborative ventures and co-founding the architects’ office :mlzd in Biel, Mischkulnig has been working inde-pendently since 2011. Hans Klöti completed an apprenticeship as an interior decorator. He attended the preliminary course at the Schule für Gestaltung [School of Design] in Biel and studied at the F&F School of Art and Design in Zurich. His desire to spend more time working in the field of installations led him to study architecture. Klöti worked as a building consultant and project manager until he took up a position as head of the construction department in Ipsach.

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