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Regula Valérie Burri

Regula Valérie Burri was born in Bern. She attended media classes at the Hochschule(n) für Gestal-tung und Kunst [Academy of Art and Design] in Basel and Bern. She went on to study social and cul-tural sciences at the FHNW [University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland] and the HGK [School of Art and Design] in Basel. She received her doctorate in sociology from the Tech-nische Universität Berlin [Berlin Technical University or TU Berlin] in 2007. As an artist she takes part in international exhibitions and project work in the field of video, installations and multimedia. Af-ter completing the Kunst-und-Bau [Art and buildings] project on the roof of the Goldiwil primary school in Thun in 2000, she has become increasingly committed to scientific research. She was a re-search associate on projects at the Swiss Science and Technology Council [SWTR], the ETH Zurich [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology] and the University of Zurich. This was followed by teaching positions and post-doctoral research on the Science Research programme at the University of Ba-sel. In 2010 she became Professor of science and technology studies at the HafenCity University in Hamburg.

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