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Hildi Brunschwyler

Hildi Brunschwyler was born in Bern in 1905 and attended the städtische Frauenarbeitsschule [municipal work school for women] there. She went to Munich in 1923 where she enrolled at the Staatsschule für angewandte Kunst [State School for Applied Art]. In 1928 she married the architect Martin Gierisch. She worked on embroidery, tapestries and stained glass windows for the monastery [Männerkloster] in the Bavarian town of Eichstätt. Brunschwyler divorced in 1943. She returned to Switzerland with her children three years later and moved to Bern. Here she attended Max von Mühlenen’s art school and worked as a draughtswoman and illustrator, illustrating many works for Schweizerisches Jugendschriftenwerk [Swiss publisher of children’s literature]. She also exhibited at art institutions and galleries, such as the Thuner Aarequai Gallery in 1967. Brunschwyler died in 1990 at the Burgerspital in Bern.

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