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Ernst Ramseier

Ernst Ramseier was born in Langnau in 1936. After a commercial apprenticeship, he turned to the arts as a self-taught painter, graphic designer, wood engraver and poet. He also produced mosaic and glass paintings, which adorn sacred buildings, public squares, entrances and stairwells. Ramseier’s woodcuts gained great recognition and renown through his membership of XYLON, the international wood engravers’ association. Ramseier was also particularly well received by the Thun artists’ circle around Roman Tschabold, Etienne Clare, Knud Jacobsen, Paul Gmünder, Hans Ittig, Willi Waber, Fritz Bütikofer and Emil von Gunten, who opened the Aarequai Gallery in 1958 and where Ramseier exhibited for the first time in 1961. He went on to receive numerous public and private commissions, two scholarships from the Kiefer Hablitzel Foundation (in 1965) and the Louise Aeschlimann Scholarship (1973). He mainly showed his work in regional exhibitions. Ramseier died in Krattigen in 2020. In 2021, the Kunstmuseum Thun held a major retrospective of his work.

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