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Alfred Glaus

Alfred Glaus was born in Schwarzenburg in 1890. In 1906 he enrolled at the Muristalden teacher-training college in Bern, but he had to abandon his course for health reasons and then worked in a notary’s office in Ins. He turned to art in 1913. He had lessons with the artists Bailé in Neuenburg and Delachaux in Geneva, and continued his education at the Kunstakademie [Academy of Art] in Munich from 1915 to 1917. Back in Switzerland, he married in 1918 and lived in Guggisberg and Sigriswil. In 1927 he and his family moved to Thun. In the 1940s he called for the establishment of a public art collection in Thun. Together with the then mayor of Thun, Paul Kunz, and municipal councillor Fritz Lehner, he founded the art collection of the city of Thun in 1948 and was its first curator until 1954. He exhibited his work in regional and national exhibitions. Glaus died in Thun in 1971.

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